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Inner Secrets Tour

inner secrets tour

Magick Egypt Tour 2015

See Egypt the way the pharos did

Total luxuary and Exclusive access to places most tourists do not get to go.

Authentic ancient Egyptian rituals

A one in a life time experience.

10 days

Includes:- Accomodation, meals & transfers

Sacred Heart Tour

sacred heart tour

Uluru Australia

Experiencing the Essence of Life returns you to your sacred center

The energy of this natural wonder of the world - the Human Chakra of the planet reconnects you to every living thing.




Utopia Tour

inner secrets tour

Utopia Tour Australia

Experience the sacred sites and the unique connections with nature that have fostered Shés remarkable abilities.

Exclusive access to seclude world heritage sites.

Bond with wild animals, birds and dolphins

Ceremonies for release, reinvention to manifest the life you want.


8 days

Includes:- Accomodation, meals & transfers

Magick Scotland Tour - June 2015

If you like the idea of spending time immersed in the atmosphere of the time period of Braveheart, Then you will love this.!

- accommodation and meals -

not including flights

5 days

There will be talks on traditional Scottish culture, with participatory events such as markets; and having a meal in the environment of Scotland 500 years ago. Additionally, there will be day spent retracing the history of the Scottish witch hunts, (the largest in Europe) and a night spent meeting modern day locals in a modern Scottish tavern.

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