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Dr. She` D'Montford

Dr. She` D'Montford has a high public profile.

She` (pronounced Shay) has an impressive corporate client list, is often on radio and in the newspapers, has featured on several successful TV shows in Australia, played herself in a major Dutch film production and has even been portrayed in a comic book.

She` is a metaphysician, teacher, healer, author, promoter and activist as well as a former 'Queensland Businesswoman of the Year' and 'Australian of the Year' nominee. She is a public notary and marriage celebrant, a member of the Australian Alternative And Natural Therapists Association (AAANTA), a life member of the Australian Psychics Association and runs Shambhallah Awareness Centre.

She has written for numerous alternative magazines and is a featured contributor to several successful alternative publications.

She` tours constantly, nationally and internationally, teaching and lecturing and is featured at many alternative festivals and expos.

she d'montford

Dr. She` D'Montford - featured on -
Psychic reality TV show "The One"

She` also has an esoteric book publishing company,The Happy Medium Publishing Company, and publishes two magazines:-





- The Ethical Society for Psychics -


She` founded and has headed the ESP society since 1990.

Feel free to contact us on +61(0)402 793 604

Obligatory disclaimer: This information is supplied for the entertainment and edification of those wishing to know more about these sacred and sacerdotal wisdom, needed in the pursuit of deeply held beliefs. Shambhallah Awareness Centre makes no claim what-so-ever, makes no recommendation, nor does it claim that any of these are any good for anything at all. We expect any who purchase any of these products to take full responsibility for their use. Please use liberal doses of commonsense in your choice and use of all of this information wisely- Enjoy

Welcome to the Shambhallah Awareness Centre!

Shambhallah Awareness Centre is a Pagan Kirk (church) and spiritual educational orgaisation that has a sense of fun and reverence in the everyday experience. We have been operating for over 20 years. We ask people to have common sense, not believe what is spoon fed to them in the popular media, to question and research information given to them and be aware of what is happening in the world around them.

shambhallah mottos

You can have the life you want.

Imagine it

Happiness - Health - Success - Love - Peace

You are a powerful divine being who can have all that & more

but you have forgotten how

Our workshops and sessions will reawaken your divine self.


Shambhallah will show you how you can

Among other things we teach a form of ancient 'Surya Samadhi' समाधि which develops Siddhi सिद्धि (psychic) abilities and makes life go well for the practitioner and Alexandrian Hermetics which allows the practitioner to work with the power and personalities of nature.

Shambhallah teaches us how to live a magical life ...

Shambhallah Camelot of the East. It has been the home to fabled noble kings, Gods, immortals, unbeatable chivalrous heroes, astounding magicians and the promise of a better future. Shambhallah is the place that existed before the last great cataclysm and still exists today with its 20,000 year history.

It sent the seeds of science, ethics and magick to the rest of the world and the rest of the world would send their future kings and priests there to be educated for their new responsibilities. All belief systems would meet there equally for peaceful discussion, debate, learning and initiation.

The word exists in both Hindu and Buddhist legends.

Shambhallah Awareness Centre leans more to the much older Hindu teachings

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A government thank you
Good morning She` D'Montford,
Thank you for contacting the Queensland Government regarding information on where the search party should search for the missing plane. (The Dragon was found in the area detailed - Conondale National Park towards the lower internal corner near the Malaney- Kennelworth Rd)
Customer Service Advisor
Queensland State Government

A ghost photographed
Hi She, - I met you at the Psychic Expo in Toowoomba recently. I have attached some photos- I have also -attached one I took of you performing from where I was sitting on the end on the right side a few seats back from the front on the Sunday. There looks to be a giant ghostly hand in the photo. Let me know what you think.. You were really wonderful in `The One`, especially when you were helping people who needed it even if it meant that you didn't score as many points. Thanks for your 2-minute reading at the show. It was spot on and I am going to take heed of what you said about taking time to grieve and to care for people.
Regards xx
Jenny Gersekowski


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